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Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?

People often ask me why I decided to open a new coworking space when there are already so many others in Austin. Why didn’t I just join one? Is it open? How much is it to join? How is it different than other coworking spaces? Where is it going to be? To answer these questions once and for all, I decided to put all my answers together and share it with all of you!

We all know the 5 Ws and How..


  1. Who is opening MELD?

My friends call me Kay which is short for Ksenija; a unique name even where I was born — a small town in Serbia. I am a graphic and web designer who specializes in Brand Development for businesses. I create memorable logos and creative visual identities for companies. Connecting people, collaborating with others, and making friends are also things I’m passionate about. I love entrepreneurs and finding ways to support them, so the fact that I chose to create a dedicated space for this is no surprise! You can find more about me HERE.

  1. What is MELD?

MELD Coworking is a shared office space located in Central Austin near North Campus. Basically, it is a modern workspace for entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, and remote workers. It provides a chance to work from a place where individuals can meet like-minded entrepreneurs, collaborate, and enjoy a community — all at a fraction of the cost of office spaces. Just like a corporate office, there are meeting rooms, conference rooms, phone booths, printers and everything else an office should provide. But at MELD, people are part of a community that love going to happy hours, working from a place like home, and enjoying free coffee. I like to think of it like this; you can make coffee at home, enjoy a coffee at a local coffee shop, or enjoy a coffee with friends at the local coffee shop. We are the last one!

  1. Why when there are so many in Austin?

Community. Location. Benefits. Amenities. Home. All of that! But, why would I strive to create my own space, personally? I envisioned having a space of my own! As I mentioned above, I love being around people. It brings me joy to provide tools and services for other entrepreneurs and that creates a relationship that involves collaboration. The concept of coworking makes me giddy — connecting people who work from home, providing office amenities, and professional resources. I enjoy building communities. Besides that, MELD is in Central Austin and I want to work from an area that allows me to walk to restaurants, bars, and retail shops. I want to work from an office but not the actual office space – I just needed a unique work space – just a desk, coffee, and friends. I wanted 10% off for happy hours, 10% off for my photography needs, I wanted to learn new things from people around me, and I wanted to try to work with a business coach for free. I wanted to walk to a food truck and have $1 off and I also wanted to work from a place like home, but not my actual home. Which brings me to the fact that MELD is a house. Literally, a house! That’s one thing that sets MELD apart from other coworking spaces!

  1. When did MELD open?

MELD officially opened its doors on February 7, 2018! We spent 16 months creating this space, and it is such an accomplishment to finally be open.

  1. Where is MELD located?

MELD Coworking is located at 502 West 30th Street, Austin TX 78705.

  1. How is MELD laid out?

MELD doesn’t have private offices (okay, there is one) and the entire house is a shared office space – the coworking concept. We have a few dedicated desks, but most desks are hot desks – plug and work. On the first floor we have shared office space with hot seats, a meeting room, phone booths, a bathroom, kitchen, and a rest area. Second floor we have a shared office space for dedicated desks, meeting rooms, and shared office with built in bar height counter tops for hot seats, plus a kitchen, bathroom, phone booth, and one private office.

  1. How much is it to join as a member?

We try to be as flexible as we can, so we have 6 different plans. Here is a list along with the pricing.


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