The Advantages of Coworking

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Working from home is great, but it can be very easy to get distracted (especially if you have pets). Coworking has become super popular in recent years for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers. Here’s a few of the reasons why you should try it out!

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  1. Collaboration

One of the biggest advantages of coworking is the ability to collaborate with the other business professionals in a shared office space. You’re meeting new people all the time, and you may be able to provide each other with the services you offer, or even bounce ideas off one another.

  1. Productivity

Working from a shared office allows you to change up your scenery if you’re used to working from home. After investing in a coworking membership you are more likely to use your time wisely because you’re in an office environment, which helps you separate work from home.

  1. Perks

Working from a coworking space provides many perks for entrepreneurs that would otherwise work from home or a coffee shop. Most coworking spaces offer comfortable and ergonomic seating, power cords and extra monitors, and sit to stand desks – all of which are pretty expensive if you were to purchase these for yourself at home. Aside from desks and chairs, coworking spaces are typically all-inclusive and offer fiber internet, printers, free coffee and tea, and the use of conference rooms.

  1. Networking

There are tons of people in different industries that work out of coworking spaces,
which is one of the big advantages of coworking. The people you meet through any Austin coworking space will allow you to create professional relationships, which often lead to further business opportunities. Being around other like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals is a great networking opportunity. Members may be looking for a graphic designer or a content writer and chances are another member can make a recommendation for you, or even hire you!

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  1. Friends

One big reason why people join coworking spaces is to generally feel less isolated. Like any shared office, you’re working around other people all day rather than working alone from a home office. It’s not uncommon for those you’re working around daily to become great friends. Most spaces also hold weekly happy hours or other events, which encourages members to be more social. Coworking spaces also help you avoid loneliness, which is something entrepreneurs that work from home deal with very often – it truly feels like a community.

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