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Archive for April 2018

Entrepreneur? Why MELD is the cowork you’re looking for!

Entrepreneur Why MELD is the cowork you’re looking for - cover

Instead of telling you why MELD is the perfect place to cowork in Austin, we are going to let our coworkers tell you why… “This is a wonderful cozy space with special amenities that no other co-working space I’ve seen offers. The desks go from sitting to standing in seconds, and there are Pilates ball…

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How Coworking helped me to be more productive

How Coworking helped me be more productive - cover image

At the end of 2016 I quit my stable customer service job to start a business of my own. I realized that working for someone else wasn’t my thing, and I recognized that I needed to make a big change. Starting my own business meant I was able to work from home everyday and it…

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