How Coworking helped me to be more productive

How Coworking helped me be more productive - cover image

At the end of 2016 I quit my stable customer service job to start a business of my own. I realized that working for someone else wasn’t my thing, and I recognized that I needed to make a big change. Starting my own business meant I was able to work from home everyday and it felt like a dream come true – who doesn’t want to work from home – right? Working from home meant this night owl was able to sleep past 8am, I could work from my own couch or home office, and be with my dogs all day long.

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I really enjoyed working from home, but after a while I started to get lazy and take advantage of not having to go into an office. Some days I wouldn’t shower until 4pm (or not at all) and there were also times I didn’t leave my house for days, which meant my social life was completely out of the picture (though the introvert in my was quite satisfied). My average day turned into waking up at 9am (or later), scrolling through my phone for 30 minutes and then cleaning the house. I’d eventually get to my computer, and I’d work on and off throughout the day, because being at home is honestly kind of distracting. There’s so many other things to do – like laundry, cleaning, cuddling with the dogs…

I stumbled upon coworking through a friend, and first didn’t even know what that is. Once I start learning more about shared office spaces I thought that maybe I should try but I wasn’t convince that would be better than working from home. The day when I watched a few episodes of a tv show during my “work hours” I decided I need to change something and the coworking thing came to my mind. I found one coworking that was the closest to me and went for a trial day since most of them actually have a trial day (or even a week).


Coworking shared office space


The worst thing that could happen is I hate it and I cancel. I started going 3 days a week as a happy-medium for me to still be at home with my dogs sometimes, but also take advantage of being in a professional work environment with other entrepreneurs where I can focus.

Because I started paying for a membership, and was at a place where the main reason was getting work done, I became much more productive throughout the day. There were no puppy distractions, and I wasn’t tempted to clean or scroll through Facebook because I wanted to get value out of my membership.

Also, I noticed that other people would actually work while being there and I wouldn’t even be able to do anything else but to work too. Around 11am people would start having their lunch. I always wanted to make sure I get important things done before that time so that I can enjoy the break and meet other coworkers as well. After lunches, we would all go back to our desks.


After just a few weeks I realized that I was getting everything done way faster in the coworking place than at home. I would get more work done and I would have more time for my friends and family!

I do still enjoy working from home two days a week – there’s a level of comfort at home, and it’s nice having the flexibility to be able to work from home if I want. For me, coworking was the solution to my lack of productivity, and the success of my business relies on being in a coworking environment.

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