How Coworking Can Help Your Business

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There are pros and cons to every working condition. No matter where you’re working from, you’ve probably made your own mental lists and weighed them heavily. Are your coworkers and your office space bland? Are they at times building up your creativity but, at other times, crushing it? Is your living room convenient and comfortable, yet less productive?  Does your local coffee shop keep you alert and awake, but also fill your mind with distractions?

The struggle with personal preferences can go on forever. Many places can be made into a compromise for whatever you and your business might need to function. In favor of moving on from status quo, there’s a time to consider the strongest move for your company. In the recent years, coworking spaces have proved to offer many business advantages for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners. In many ways, the best of all worlds!

Here are three of the most distinct advantages you would notice after joining a coworking space:

Collaboration & Community:

If you haven’t worked out of a coworking space before, maybe this is an unfamiliar concept. But, the potential for collaboration is one of their greatest advantages for not only your mental health but your business development. Coworking spaces are made to be flexible, shared work spaces that accommodate the widest range of individuals. Because of this, they are occupied by a few different fields of work, rather than exclusively one company or role. A wonderful way to collaborate, but also to eliminate all the outsourcing struggles that come with running a business. Are you a coding genius but need a little design help for your new website? Odds are there’s someone across the room from you who would be more than willing to help you out. And vice versa. The people around you offer fresh, outside opinions, ideas and assistance that you might not find in your company’s office, as well as have the potential to turn into future clients or partners. And don’t forget the power of positive reviews. The people around you are aware of your work ethic, quality of work you produce, and could potentially need a service of yours. The close-knit relationship that’s bound to form will likely lead to some of your best reviews, references and word-of-mouth marketing.

Even if you’re not exclusively “collaborating”, there is that constant opportunity for learning and growth in these spaces, as well as the gaining of a new community. Network, exchange business cards, collaborate. All while naturally building those positive relationships along the way. It’s an overall sense of community that just can’t be replicated inside of a home office. Plus, working alone can be absolutely drab, so a little bit of community goes a long way in enjoying your career.

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Though working from home proposes some advantages, there are many resources that don’t find their way into a home office. Simple amenities (such as printers, photocopiers, steady internet, storage space, etc.) might be found in your home – often not commercial grade for that matter – but space, restocking supplies, and maintenance can all become a time-consuming hassle. Coworking spaces cut out the inconvenience. Someone else takes care of all of that for you! When looking for a space online, resources should be listed. Many of the conveniences your business’ funds are going towards will likely be found here (and better here as well) – giving you an easy way to calculate what savings would look like.

Aside from daily amenities, home offices lack the professionality that’s needed in instances of work meetings, conferences and interviews. Coworking spaces provide open office space as well as private meeting and conference rooms. Rather than inviting a future client into a busy coffee shop, invite them to a coworking space. You’ll get free coffee without the distractions. You’ll also avoid the expensive, one-time costs of renting a large and unfamiliar meeting room. Just book one of meeting rooms at your convenience and leave all the extra work out of it.

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This plays along with resources but deserves its own space. We’re all trying to save money – especially entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners… Costs add up quickly! And depending on where you’re working out of, your location of choice might not be a taxable business expense – whereas a coworking membership is. If you’re working with a team, renting a large enough office space typically seems reasonable. But considering the spiking square footage costs and extended leasing periods, money often is unnecessarily lost in the process. Cut out security, janitorial, parking, internet and furniture expenses all when you select a coworking space. The kitchen is another silly, yet cost-efficient amenity provided by coworking spaces. Restocking and maintaining a common area/kitchen for any number of people quickly adds up as an extra expense that nobody wants to factor in. Coworking spaces take over that expense by constantly providing some sort of beverage and food options, as well as utensils, cleaning supplies and storage space. If you’re worried about the overall costs of memberships, coworking spaces offer flexible options to accommodate your needs.

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Depending on what you’re looking for, joining a shared office space could be a valuable investment. They’re an affordable alternative to office rentals with the added plus of a positive environment and a creative community to surround yourself and your business with that home may be lacking.


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