Useful Social Media Accounts for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers to Follow

Useful Social Media Icons for Entrepreneurs

By next year, it’s been estimated that roughly 2.77 billion people around the globe will be using social networks. That’s a solid fraction of the Earth’s population represented online. With that being said, if you (as an entrepreneur, freelancer, etc.) are not online – you should be! There are an endless amount of connections to be made there. But before you even begin that journey of building your online presence, remember that social media can also be a great tool to familiarize yourself better with your industry and learn from your peers or industry professionals… so, let’s investigate who to follow!

It can be overwhelming. How do you find the right people to follow out of the 2.77 billion users?

We can’t sort through them all for you, nor delve into each of your specific professions, but we’ve put together a few accounts that you could start with.

Useful Social Media Icons for Entrepreneurs


  1. @entrepreneur
    Shocker, right? But no clichés here – this account is full of useful tips, ideas and motivation.
  2. @adweek
    If digital media is your specialty, Adweek will keep you updated on all the top ads, trends, and job postings. A good source of creative inspiration.
  3. @smallbusinessrevolution
    A collection of stories all about successful entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  4. @creativemorning
    This is one giant community that you want to be a part of! Filled with content from their monthly lectures.
  5. @thebrandidentity
    If you’re into clean design and branding, follow this account for constant creativity boosts. They showcase & tag different designers, so you should be able to creep for hours.



  1. @FreelanceWJ
    If you’re a freelancer (with more of a focus in writing), this account will constantly update you with tips, blog posts, and freelance job opportunities.
  2. @ProBlogger
    That’s exactly what Darren Rowse is – a pro blogger. If you’ve ever wanted to add a blog to your website, but weren’t sure how, follow him.
  3. @AdWeek
    On all platforms! These guys are constantly using twitter to post useful articles. You’ll never be bored with these daily reads.
  4. @LewisHowes
    Lewis uses twitter as the hub for all his work. Find inspiration, interviews/talks, and every episode of his podcast posted here.
  5. @freelancersu
    Articles and articles about being a better freelancer – with emphasis on getting paid. 😉



  1. @FastCompany
    Showcases different businesses and their styles and techniques. All very innovative!
  2. @HBR
    These guys provide insights and tips on the best business practices through videos, podcasts and blog posts. All found on their Facebook page.
  3. @Ted
    If you’ve never watched or listened to a Ted Talk, you’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do. These talks are educational but also a good source of inspiration.
  4. @startupweekend
    This is a great networking tool in the tech world, mainly because this page can be used as a tool to connect with members all around the world. If this is your niche – take advantage!
  5. @smexaminer
    A place of discussion, tips and tricks all focused on utilizing social media to its full potential. If you’ve ever felt behind or overwhelmed by the constantly changing social media world, this page is the place for you.


Only 15 of the billions to discover, but a solid 15 to get your foot in the door (if you’re completely new to social media). If you’re not new, maybe you’ve just been lacking a little motivation or industry knowledge. There’s an account to follow for everyone. While you’re out discovering these plus the many other useful accounts out there, don’t forget to check out MELD’s social media accounts. We’re on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

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