Why MELD focuses on Entrepreneurs

Why MELD focuses on Entrepreneurs - cover

The idea behind coworking spaces and shared office spaces began with a foundation of like-minded individuals who worked independently, yet together. This hasn’t changed. But when Bernard De Koven later defined coworking as “working together as equals” to separate it from a traditional office relationship (one dictated by rank and salary), coworkings’ identity was found. Overtime, the competitive nature of the independent workforce eased into a more collaborative one, and coworking spaces arose in major cities around the world.


With the recent, rapid growth of coworking spaces and members, owners have built up their spaces to adapt to the needs of different types of coworkers. MELD, a newer Austin coworking space, has done the same. Though we’re based off of the same principles, MELD’s heart revolves around the success and growth of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Everything we do is focused on building a community that will help them do a number of things:



Collaboration is one of MELD’s core principles! We love our members, but what we love even more is seeing them work together. Our space is designed to be a place of communication, whether it’s teaming up on a project with another member or just needing a number of people to bounce ideas off of. Things one just can’t do as easily from a home office. Since many of our members work 2-3 days a week, it does not take much time for the professional and personal relationships to form. We work together, we help one another, and we join up for happy hours to celebrate the ups and downs together. And if we ever need a break from each other we escape to the upstairs focus room for a little bit. 😉


Receive Referrals:

One thing that makes MELD different from other Austin coworking spaces is that we limit the number of members we accept from each discipline. We never want to turn anyone away, but we do want to ensure that our members have the space to become the number one referral in our MELD community. Here, members are surrounded by like-minded individuals without the sense of competition. Leave a few business cards behind and allow other members and visitors to reach out to you for help! And then feel free to ask for those positive online reviews. 🙂



Hand-in-hand with collaboration, we want to see our members making professional connections. Everyday of work is a networking opportunity amongst one another. But aside from the daily life at MELD, we host events, seminars and workshops that bring a variety of industry professionals together. If a member is struggling in an area of business, we’ll look to host seminars to both teach them and introduce them to an outside community of entrepreneurs looking to learn a similar skillset. We host a wide range of professions, each with their own networks. And as collaboration builds, so does each network.

Event for Entrepreneurs in MELD Coworking

And ultimately, Grow:

The ultimate goal. Our members want to scale their business and we want to help in every way that we can. We provide the resources and cater to their professional needs so that they have more time to focus on their work. No faulty wifi or overhead costs to stress about! We also boost their visibility in our community – through events, our online presence, and any other ways that prove helpful. And we create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere to keep everyone motivated. We want to see the best from our members!


Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business owner who is looking for a coworking space in Austin to join and a community to grow with? MELD Coworking might be the right fit for you!

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