Why We Can’t Work From Home with Cats

MELD Coworking is where cat lovers cowork in Austin

We have a secret: lots of MELD Coworking members love cats.

We’re not sure how this happened, but it may have something to do with the fact that working from home with a cat can be… difficult. Moving your sleepy cat off the warm keyboard for the fifth time in an hour can drive even the most patient cat lover to seek out a coworking space.

So instead of working at home with their cats, our members send emails, write reports, take their calls, and work their magic at our coworking space.

When we miss our cats, we think of them fondly while we drink from MELD’s quirky collection of cat mugs.

As a bonus, sometimes our neighborhood cats stop by MELD’s back door to say hello:

To celebrate our feline companions, we’ve compiled stories below of our MELD Members’ cats. They’re cute. They’re sometimes cuddly. They’re always right. And their shenanigans drove us all to “work from home away from home.”

Introducing… the mischievous cats of MELD!


Double Trouble: Laptop Cat + Desk Cat

We have two expert-work-disrupter cats at my house. First there’s Laptop Cat who, when he sees a laptop on your lap, takes offense at the idea that anything should be on your lap other than him. He also loves to use the laptop screen corners as his face scratcher.

Then there’s Desk Cat, who around 4 pm most days, decides it is time for me to pay attention to her rather than whatever is on my screen. She sits on the desk staring at me with a face that says “why are you working instead of petting me??”… and then I must stop working and pet her, of course.


Nocturnal Cat

During the day, my cat curls herself into cute positions and sleeps in the pockets of sunshine on my floor. But as soon as I go to bed, Nocturnal Cat’s energy strikes:

Paw in the face. Another paw in the face. Meow. Four paws scurrying across my legs. A little cat face nuzzling against my face. A sudden case of the zoomies as she sprints to another room. A mysterious crash from that room. I wonder what she knocked over this time. More frantic sprinting. Meowing. Hmm, she’s too quiet now, the zoomies must have stopped. Maybe I can finally slee…. oh wait, here she is, back pawing my face again.

Luckily, Nocturnal Cat has all day to recover from her nighttime antics:

I, however, need to get up and work in the morning. Luckily MELD has good coffee, good company, and a focused atmosphere where I can still get my work done productively.

And for anyone else in Austin who has a Nocturnal Cat… MELD offers the option to add 24/7 access to your coworking membership, in case you want to sync sleeping schedules with your cat ?


Keyboard Cat

For some reason all cats love boxes and keyboards. All the cats!
(Here is a funny video of tigers and lions, who apparently love boxes as well!)

As a designer, working from home and using my computer, I care less about them playing with boxes. But every time I would leave my screen unlocked even for a few minutes there would be at least one freakin’ keyboard cat and my Daily Actions Document would look like:



Sometimes, my cats would also text with my web developers and give them tasks such as

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff and llllllllllllllllllllllll and kkkkkkkkkkk.

Now I work from MELD Coworking, but a few days ago I was at home scrolling on Facebook. Whenever I try to work from home, I remember what working from home with cats looks like: I take photos of them sleeping in cute positions, I record videos while they play…

AND: the keyboard cats struck again! This time I went to do a load of laundry, and by the time I got back they had already texted 7777777777777 to my husband.

When I received a “HAHAHA” text back from him, I was like “What? Why?”… and then I saw that “I” sent 77777777777 to him. Thanks, keyboard cats.

I’m not sure how they know where “Enter” is, but they do! ?


Chair Cat

At the beginning of my workday, my cat nuzzles her face against my ankles. We go our separate ways — I sit down on my cushy office chair and open my laptop, and she takes a nap on the warm cable box.

As soon as I get up from my chair, she jolts awake and scrambles towards my office. When I return, I find her in my chair like this:

I ask her to move, and she replies: “Squeeeeak!” — which is cat-speak for “This chair is mine now.”

I have three options:

  1. Pick her up and move her (but she’s so cute!)
  2. Perch on the front edge of my chair while she curls up behind me (but what if she’s claustrophobic?!)
  3. Move my laptop, mouse, mouse pad, notebooks, books, and charger to my boyfriend’s desk… and sit on his rock-hard folding chair instead.

I always choose option 3 🙂

Are your cats making it difficult to work from home in Austin? We would love for you to join our community of cat lovers at MELD Coworking!

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  1. Anne on November 16, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    So cute!! PAWESOME post.

    • Kay Dee on November 16, 2018 at 4:16 pm

      Yes, it sounds purrefect 🙂

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