8 Healthy Habits for People Who Work Remotely

healthy habits for people who work remotely

This is a guest post for the MELD Coworking blog written by Harper Reid.

Employers are beginning to recognize the benefits of their employees working remotely. This flexibility facilitates a better work-life balance and cuts the cost of commuting.

Remote work takes a lot more discipline than working in an office. Follow these healthy habits when working from home:

Remove distractions

Removing any distractions should be the first thing on your to-do list for the day. Switch your phone to silent. Minimize or close any unused windows – especially social media. Rid your workspace of all the things you do not require for the day.

Your environment is also very important. Work where there is little background noise, movement, and visual distractions.

Keep active

Keeping active with a desk job is easier than it seems. Keep fit and perform stationary exercises from the comfort of your desk. Don’t be afraid to get creative. 

Switch out your chair for a standing desk or even a swiss ball. This will keep your core engaged. Do chair scoots to work your hamstrings by pulling the chair closer to your heel. Grab a weighted item like a drink bottle and do some arm curls and shoulder presses. Many stretches are also performed seated.

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Set time limits

Distinguishing between work time and leisure time may be difficult when you work from home. The best way to prevent overworking is to set boundaries.

Letting your work cut into your leisure time is damaging towards your health. Instead, work when you’re scheduled to work and rest after hours. 

Work when you’re most productive

You may have control over the hours you are active with work. If so, schedule yourself around the times you’re most productive. 

Some people are early birds, whereas some are night owls. Use the time you are most productive to your advantage.


When working remotely, the feeling of loneliness is often overlooked. Having the added flexibility of working from home gives you the option of using your breaks to socialize. 

Socializing isn’t limited to people you know. Simple interactions, such as grocery shopping or working in the vicinity of others, can counter this isolation.

Coworking spaces are another great opportunity to socialize. Not only do you get to complete work productively, but coworking also helps reduce feelings of loneliness, allowing you to network with others. You can make great connections or even friendships in a coworking space, so why not try it out!

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Working productively with friends at MELD Coworking!

Dress comfortably but professionally

Working from home gives you the freedom to dress as you choose. It’s important to feel comfortable when you’re working. However, a professional outfit may put you in the right frame of mind to complete your work efficiently and effectively. 

Don’t skip a meal

Research has shown fluctuations in blood sugar levels can affect your productivity. Fuel your brain so that you can carry out your job well. 

Scheduling meal times also gives you an excuse to take a break from your work and the computer screen. Don’t forget about staying hydrated too!

Communicate with your team

Most teams include specialized individuals, all with different sets of skills. This is why staying connected with your team is important for your company’s performance. 

Make an effort to meet with your colleagues on a regular basis. Distance doesn’t need to be an issue. Today’s technology is equipped to handle teleconferencing and long-distance communication. 

Working remotely can be an enjoyable experience. Practice healthy habits for increased work ethic and productivity as well as for a happier, healthier self.

As a freelance writer, Harper knows all too well the perks and challenges of working remotely. Taking regular breaks for that much needed creative inspiration is a must-do for her! See more of Harper’s work on Tumblr.

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