Top 10 Best Email Tools for Sales Pros

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This is a guest post for the MELD Coworking blog written by Kas Andz.

During a time when people rely on digital communication now more than ever, email marketing is at its highest popularity. Even after 25 years and dozens of media outlets, email has amazingly retained the highest ROI in the marketing world. 

We’re here to chat about email tools for the best email marketers.  Like it or not, email marketing professionals are just humans (shocker, right…) and they need tools and tricks beyond their own creativity to make the impact you come to enjoy. 

Whether you work remotely or in an office, here are 10 email marketing tips and tools to help you get ahead:

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10. Lead Scoring 

Lead scoring is what it sounds like, you can actually rate your prospects and customers by placing tracking pixels, download tracking, and click tracking to your website and emails to know exactly what your prospects are doing and are interested in. This allows our dear marketers to segment their users and send them only relevant information. 

9. Segmentation 

Segmenting your list helps you focus on the individual needs of your list. It’s the difference between 3.1% opens and 42% open rates. What’s even more important is that success breeds success in an email open world, where openers continue to open the emails they like and unsubscribe from those they don’t. 

8. Automation 

Automation is sending an automated email sequence to your list. Instead of sitting behind the computer every other day to send another e-mail, marketers who fit a certain profile (let’s say they like baseball, you’re gonna send lots of baseball emails) set an email sequence on automation. The process does require optimization, but automation is the key to making the most bang for your buck.  

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7. Segmented Automation 

More like #8 but the idea is that marketers can actually change which automation track the recipient is getting based on their actions. For example, if a list member clicks on your baseball PDF on your website, that lead then automatically gets placed into an automation email sequence perfectly set up for them.

6. Welcome Series 

More accessible but toned down than #7. Email welcome series are email sequences that are more general that are sent to any newcomer to your list. These are powerful sequences that get your most important messages to your client, usually about branding, what the recipient should expect to get from you, and how often. A welcome series can have anywhere from 3-8 messages in it.

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5. The UnSub Scrub

It may seem counterintuitive to remove people from your list, but “trimming the fat” actually can increase your open rate. Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. look at your success rates of emails you send vs how many opened/spammed. If you go below a certain threshold, they will block your messages from even getting to the recipients. 

4. The Image

Pictures are important, they really are! Illustrating your message gives the oomph your email needs to convert. Only be careful that (yes again those pesky email providers) your email cannot be more than 70% image, or it gets binned!  

3. Intake Forms 

Seems old fashioned but they work. Getting people subscribed to your list and segmented is the first step to any successful email set campaign. Every email marketing program has them or gives you the code to do so. Don’t be bland about it, dress it up and use some powerful content to get them subscribed…then welcome series, then automation! 

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2. The Content 

Didn’t think this wouldn’t make the list but (gasp, what could #1 be) Content is king, always has been and always will be. The best videos and images only help so much, and the content and CTA messages drive it home. The choice of words you use, the sentence structure, and the delivery is the #1 (well #2) reason something will or won’t convert. If you have to ignore all of these tips except one, this is the one to pay attention to. 

1. Creativity 

Tools are only as good as the people who use them. This is especially true in coworking spaces and shared working spaces. The unique ability and mind-hive that these spaces offer boost overall creativity and mind-space sharing. Creativity is the driving factor that makes you and your offer unique.

About the Author 

Kas Andz is the Founder of KAMG, an award-winning marketing and automation growth agency. Kas has hit record sales targets for brands such as Revolut, Cakebox, and Gladfish. 


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