5 Tips for Sticking to a Schedule When Working Remotely

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This is a guest post written for the MELD Coworking blog by Marques Coleman.

Working from home can be rather difficult for those who have gotten used to working in an office. Whether this is a new change in your career or you are being forced to work from home because of the quarantine, this can be a difficult thing to adjust to. At the same time, it is not impossible.

The most important thing is planning and you will need to be able to plan your schedule in a way that is viable. If you wish to know how to stick to a schedule while working remotely, here are some of the best tips to help you achieve that. 

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1. Prioritize your tasks and obligations

First and foremost, if you wish to create a schedule you need to be able to prioritize what you have to do in order to know where to start. No matter your position, you should be able to know how to make a schedule and stick to it. That should be based on all of the things you need to get done during each day. This is the quickest and easiest way to organize your work and help you start being productive.

This is the first step to creating a schedule, and you can take some time and gather your weekly responsibilities every weekend. You can use an app such as Evernote in order to keep track of your obligations and put them in order. This way you can cross out the ones you have completed, add in new ones, and stay on top of your responsibilities.

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2. Work during the same time daily

When working from home, one of the most common issues most people face is being able to start working. When you have a project to complete but you don’t have people around who motivate you to work, it is difficult to get started. An effective idea to consider is to work at a coworking space in your area, as it can help you start being productive if you feel stuck at home.

The best thing you can do in order to work in a more consistent manner is to work at the same time every single day. Whether you are able to set your own working hours or not, you will find this very practical and effective. 

Working during the same hours every day will help you get used to a certain schedule. Working remotely can make you lose track of time but having a stable working schedule will help you stay organized.

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3. Keep distractions away

Even if you have your own working space at home, it is not a guarantee that you will be able to stay focused on your work. Some of the issues you will have to deal with are distractions around the house which can cause you to procrastinate and be unproductive. The best thing you can do is make an effort and keep those distractions away from your working space.

The number one thing that everyone gets distracted by is their mobile phones. While they might be helpful and even necessary for your work, you should make sure that you are able to stop yourself from using apps that make you lose focus. If you are struggling with that, you can use a productivity app such as Forest and lock the apps you do not want to use while you need to stay productive.

If you’re trying to stay focused while working from home, it is a good idea to keep your working space away from loud noises and outside distractions. The more you are able to focus on your work, the easier it will be for you to be productive.

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4. Always attend meetings

Something that can truly help you with sticking to your working schedule is staying involved with the rest of your coworkers. Feeling like you are a part of a team can positively impact your performance and help you stay productive. The best way to achieve this is by always making an effort to attend meetings.

During meetings, you are not only able to see the people you are working with but you are able to connect with them and feel like a member of the team. Remote work can be lonely and knowing your work is being recognized by the people you work with is important.

In addition to this, you will also be able to talk about your achievements and the accomplishments of your team. Knowing how far your work has brought everyone and receiving information on your current and future projects is important. The more involved you are in your company’s actions, the easier it will be for you to stay motivated and stick to your schedule.

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5. Reach out to your coworkers for help

Last but not least, another thing that can help you stay focused on your schedule is having someone to help you with any issues you encounter. Not having someone to turn to for advice can be stressful, especially if you are new at a job and not being able to communicate face-to-face with other people in the office.

This is something you should discuss with your team members or someone who is in charge of your training or sector. Being able to contact someone via the phone or a message and answer questions is going to take a lot of weight off your shoulders. This way you will feel much less stressed and you will be able to be productive and focused on your obligations.

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Staying productive while working from home

Whether working remotely is permanent or temporary, finding ways to stay productive and continue your work is essential. Establishing a sense of normalcy is important in order to get used to this new reality and it will help you stick to your schedule. 

Which of these tips do you find the most useful?

About the Author:

Marques Coleman is a professional editor and content creator for Subjecto. As someone with experience in copywriting, he loves sharing his tips on working remotely with his readers. In his spare time, he loves to travel and explore new places.