How to Feel at Home in Your Coworking Space

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This is a guest post written for the MELD Coworking blog by Jessica Baker.

Freelancing has exploded in popularity, and it’s hard to argue the benefits. From seeing new states while working as a location independent contractor to meeting new people in a coworking space, it’s the best of both worlds with maximized independence. 

The question is, then, how can you feel at home in your coworking environment? By keeping your favorite bag handy, treating your space well, and keeping a routine before and after work, you’ll feel comfortable in this revolutionary setting. 

Personalize Your Bag

You’re constantly on the move. That’s even more reason to make your bag feel like an extension of yourself. Find a personalized planner and use it. Write down tasks at the end of each workday so you’re prepared for the next. If you need a badge to enter the building, make sure it’s easily accessible. Pack meals and snacks that will get you excited throughout the day—especially ones that increase your productivity

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Find Your Fellow Coworkers

Socialization is one of the most frequent complaints for freelancers who don’t share peers in the same location. Have you noticed the same few people coming in and out at similar times as you? This is a perfect opportunity to feel right at home in your shared space. Suggest one of the following with your fellow freelancer to feel more comfortable in your workspace.

If you realize you don’t have a similar schedule to your fellow coworkers, consider the staff who is frequently working. Who can you introduce yourself to?

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Treat Your Space Well

A cleanly and well functioning workspace is one of the cruxes of feeling at ease in your area. Frequently moving desks can give an impersonal feel, and ultimately, result in a  loss of productivity. Although you may rotate desks, computers, and keyboards—consider your fellow coworkers when going about your daily tasks. 

It’s the little things that make a big difference throughout the day. Shut down your computer at night, clean up any dishes used throughout the day, refill an empty coffee pot, clean up the microwave, and sanitize your area at the end of the workday. 

Keep a Routine

Maintaining a routine outside of your workday can make even the craziest schedules feel normalized. Whether it’s taking the time to meditate when you wake up, taking a short walk around the neighborhood, or even reading a book, consider waking up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to practice a habit. After work, even if you’re a busy mom or dad, consider having a bedtime routine you practice each and every night. 

You can’t force friendships, nor can you control what others do, but doing simple things like building genuine connections between those you see each day can do worlds for feeling at home while freelancing. Coworking spaces give the opportunity for collaboration, creativity, and flexibility. By building your routine around what’s manageable, you can maximize your space feeling at home for every second. 

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