The Business Advantage of Hiring a Freelance Virtual Assistant

freelance virtual assistants using laptops

This is a guest post for the MELD Coworking blog written by Angelica Ambos.

For small- and medium-sized businesses, outsourcing of ancillary tasks is crucial and is now considered an essential business move. Many local and offshore professionals are trained to handle jobs that can be handled online.

It is not difficult to look for telecommuters because you can easily find them advertising their services on the internet. A freelance virtual assistant can work for you like a personal assistant, but you have to find the exact person you need because there are many types of virtual assistants.

The scope of the services virtual assistants provide is broad. There is no single job that defines what these professionals do. The work they usually handle, however, can be divided into three distinct categories: administrative, creative, and technical services.

Anyone doing administrative and technical assistance via the internet or telephone is a virtual assistant. But when we speak of technical assistance or IT support and administrative assistance, we are talking about a wide array of jobs.

A simple explanation is that any remote assistant is considered a virtual assistant (VA). VA’s may work in teams or work independently, the latter being formally called a freelance virtual assistant. 

Many VA’s offer a wide range of services depending on the skills and background they have. You can have specific types of assistants working for your company’s payroll. Others specialize in bookkeeping and financial audit.

The most popular assistants nowadays do website optimization and are called SEO professionals and web developers. These people may work on data fed via email and usually work with little supervision, considering they work at their confines. SEO professionals, for instance, make arrangements with their clients regarding target outcome and the means in achieving the goal. 

Like an in-house assistant, a virtual assistant relies on instructions given by the client or employer and usually works alone thereafter. A client may regularly check on the progress of the VA to find out if he or she is working according to expectations and agreement. Part of regular evaluation can be punctual submission of outputs or accomplishment reports.

woman smiling while looking at a silver laptop

At the same time, while the VA may work at home or in a coworking space, he or she should be visible online and should be able to respond right away. This way, you as the client, may be able to supervise his or her work and give additional information.

Hiring a freelance virtual assistance is a means of continuing business and cutting back in cost. You lower your overhead costs with a VA, who works at their own expense. Clearly, you shall not be handling the cost of their electric bills or internet bills. You also don’t need to look after their health and safety.

The agreement between the two of you essentially revolves around the subcontracted work. VA’s are paid based on their accomplishment and output. You, just like any client, can sever the contract once you felt you no longer need their services or once you are dissatisfied. Although to avoid dissatisfaction on your part, it’s vital to look for a competent virtual assistant at first.