6 Lessons I Learned While Working in Lockdown

man and woman working remotely from their apartment

This is a guest post for the MELD Coworking blog written by Michael Deane.

In recent months, much of the media commentary has observed how the Coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s lives. The crisis has highlighted flaws and inefficiencies in how we conduct our businesses or how we have structured our society. 

For example, the pandemic has forced thousands of employees to “discover” that they can work using technology which was already widely available. As it turns out, the work that’s usually done at the office doesn’t necessarily need to be done there. 

Furthermore, lockdown led many people (myself included) to re-evaluate their perspective on a lot of things. Here are a couple of lockdown lessons I have learned and have grown from: 

woman making coffee while working from home

1. Telecommuting Actually Works

In the past, I was quite skeptical about the idea of working from home. Whenever I thought of telecommuting, I thought of the myriad of distractions that home life can add to one’s workday. I was pretty sure I would never be as productive, or that I would enjoy it at all. 

While I am looking forward to returning to coworking spaces, as I enjoy being surrounded by people, my perspective on remote working has changed considerably. 

Once you strike a balance between personal and professional, you quickly find that you can be productive as a telecommuter. To become as efficient as I was back at the office, all I needed were regular breaks, a strict schedule, and a space I used only for working. 

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2. Exercise Matters (…to More People Than I Expected)  

Once the lockdown took place, it was great to see how many people were trying to get their exercise fix. 

Even during the crisis, regular physical activity continued to play a huge role in so many lives. After all, staying active is the best way to prevent many different illnesses.

To me, the fact that working out on a daily basis can solve so many things in life wasn’t new. However, it was amazing to learn that so many other people are aware of this and want to remain active no matter the circumstances. 

phone apps to help you work from home

3. There Are So Many Useful Apps & Tools

When it comes to technology, I always considered myself to be a bit of a caveman. 

However, due to the lockdown, I learned so much about different tools and applications. From zoom workout sessions to promoting e-books that I wrote in my free time, I found that there are numerous ways to stay connected and funnel your content to the masses. 

While nothing can replace speaking to someone in person, I learned how useful these tools can be in reaching people, whether they’re my friends or readers. This new-found appreciation for technology is bound to stay with me long after the crisis is over. 

4. The Ability to Adjust & Adapt is Invaluable

Never be the person who is the first to complain and the last to take steps toward solving the issue. 

During the course of our lives, we will encounter so many more challenges. Having to adjust and adapt to this unprecedented situation is a huge lesson for many of us. The skill to stay positive and energetic during bad times is invaluable. 

The approaches and strategies you have learned to implement during the crisis are bound to play a huge role down the road. I have learned to fight negative thoughts, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to adjust and adapt to whatever the future may bring. 

shopping bags full of stuff

5. We Need Less Stuff Than We Think

While I’m happy that the lockdown made me more tech-savvy, it also made me realize that it is possible to live without many modern conveniences. We can survive just fine without getting our hair done or shopping at the mall. 

The basic essentials, such as good health, clean water, and staple foods are far more important than buying the newest smartphone or getting a manicure. 

The lockdown made me rethink my priorities. A lot of these consumer items are actually bad for our planet – skipping some of them to let others have basics for survival is one of the best things you can do. 

lock on bridge that says thanks

6. Showing Gratitude is Important

It goes without saying that all of us should be more than grateful to the workers who provided assistance during the lockdown. First responders, delivery people, health care workers, and food suppliers have risked their lives for the benefit of other people. 

How does one even begin to repay these individuals? Showing a little gratitude would be a good start. 

The stay-at-home orders taught me how important it is to show gratitude to everybody who made my life happier and easier. Not only does showing gratitude feels good, but it also builds a more compassionate society by encouraging generosity and kindness. 

Besides confining me to my home to stay safe, COVID-19 has also taught me some valuable life lessons. They will stay with me long after the crisis is over. 

About the Author

Michael has been working in marketing for almost a decade and has worked with a huge range of clients, which has made him knowledgeable on many different subjects. He has recently rediscovered a passion for writing and hopes to make it a daily habit. You can read more of Michael’s work at Qeedle.