The Most Flexible Coworking Space Option in Austin

man working at a coworking space in Austin

2020 has ushered in a new wave of people working from home in Austin – although as many have noted, working remotely during a pandemic is anything but “normal.”

In normal times your kids were at school, your partners and roommates were commuting to their offices, and you had the option to split time between home, coffee shops, and coworking spaces.

Even for the introverts among us, getting out of the house and switching up our work environments can help increase our productivity and reduce loneliness. But 2020 looks more like:

Homeschooling, e-learning, spending too much time cooped up together, couches being converted into temporary offices, listening to the conference calls of everyone you live with, “is the internet working for you?!”…

It’s a lot to manage. It’s okay if some days are harder than others. And here at MELD Coworking, we have a solution that can help you stay more focused and productive.

MELD is a friendly coworking space in Austin, and when we first opened our doors we offered something called punchcards. Punchcards were perfect for anyone who wanted to get out of the house and cowork with us 1-2 times a week but who didn’t quite need a monthly membership.

Think of it like a punchcard at a yoga studio: you buy a discounted pack of classes, you “punch” in each time you take a class, and you use up your punches before an expiration date.

It’s the same concept, except instead of a 60 minute yoga class you get up to 8 hours of coworking, bottomless coffee, walkable restaurants to grab your lunch, new friends and networking connections, and the satisfaction of knocking things off of your to-do list.

MELD ultimately grew to the point where we had a membership waitlist, so we stopped offering punchcards. But what we’re hearing from our community is that flexibility has become even more important right now. People here in Austin want to cowork but aren’t always in the right situation to make a monthly commitment.  So we’re bringing punchcards back!

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Here’s how our coworking punchcards work:

  • You pay $200 for a bundle of 10 coworking day passes (a $250 value)
  • Your punchcard expires 3 months after your first punch
  • You cowork with us Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm and “punch” your card every time you visit!

You don’t need to pre-schedule your visits – just come on the days that work best for your schedule (or when your household is driving you extra insane). We have amazing coffee, ergonomic sit-to-stand desks, extra computer monitors, phone booths, and most importantly: a friendly community that will brighten your day from a safe distance.

Rest assured that we have a suite of safety initiatives to keep everyone healthy and socially distant while coworking at MELD. The capacity of our space has been significantly reduced, so there’s plenty of room to spread out.

We require that everyone wears mask when entering, exiting, and moving through the common areas, and you can find our additional health and sanitation measures outlined in our COVID-19 safety plan here.

woman working at a coworking space with a coffee mug

Ready to start a new routine and cowork at MELD a few days a month? You can buy your punchcard on our website or book a tour to visit our coworking space if you’re new to MELD.

Do you need access to a workspace before 9 AM or after 5 PM? While that isn’t included in our punchcards, all of our MELD memberships include extended hours.

Our dedicated desk memberships include 24 hour access so you can come and go as you please, and our Regular and Flexible coworking memberships include 8 AM – 8 PM access during the week.

And of course if you have any questions, shoot us an email at and we can help you!