How to Maintain Healthy Blood Circulation at Your Desk Job

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This is a guest post for the MELD Coworking blog written by Rory Donnelly.

We are all aware of the damaging impacts of a sedentary lifestyle on our well-being. But did you know your desk job is causing havoc on your body too?

Sitting for 8-10 hours with minimal or no movement restricts blood circulation in your legs, the strongest muscles in your body. That leads to weight gain, weaker bones, and reduced blood circulation, apart from influencing poor spinal form, mental health, and stress levels. 

Consistent blood flow is essential for your tissues to absorb the nutrients, get rid of waste, and maintain the strength of your muscles. The idea here is that the more you move the more blood will flow through your body, making it active and helping you avoid a lot of diseases in the long run. 

If you have been stuck to your chairs so far, let’s get you up and moving with the tips below. You can do them at home, in the office, or in your coworking space:

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1. Take breaks to walk 

Walking is a low-impact yet useful exercise. Walking at a slightly challenging speed with your co-workers every hour of sitting will increase blood flow throughout the body and produce muscle contraction in the legs.   

2. Stretch for flexibility

Stretching reduces stress, improves posture, and alleviates body aches. Some of the most basic stretches can be performed even at your workspace. 

3. Wear compression socks

Investing in revolutionary copper-compression socks will elevate blood circulation with the additional benefits of antimicrobial and healing effects of copper. The copper-infused material soothes tired feet and legs, relieves aches, promotes more relaxed movement, and prevents blood clots in legs.

4. Position your body appropriately

Sitting with crossed legs hampers the blood flow in your lower body. Ensure that you sit at your desk with your legs slightly apart and your feet on the floor. A slight elevation using an ottoman or stool will further help the blood reach your leg muscles efficiently. 

5. Tap tap tap

Tapping your foot from time to time while remaining seated or standing at your desk also improves blood flow. With your heels on the ground, tap your toes to the beat of your favorite music. Alternate your legs and continue for 30 seconds. 

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6. Calf raises

If you find yourself waiting by the printer, copier, or microwave, use the time to perform this gym gem. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Raise your heels up as far as possible while holding onto something for balance. Then slowly lower back down. You can even ask your colleagues to join you!

7. Ankle flex

Press your feet firmly on the floor and lift both heels off the floor. Slowly lower them down and then lift your toes, pulling them towards your shins. Repeat 10-15 times on each leg to improve ankle flexibility. 

8. Don’t stress out!

How can we talk about a healthy lifestyle and not mention stress level checks? Because however hard you try to remain active, it is all going to be useless if your stress levels are going over the roof. Exercising, listening to music, taking deep breaths, meditation, and psychotherapy are some ways to keep stress away. 

Give these recommendations a try and present yourself with the optimal blood circulation essential for a healthier life, even with a desk job. 

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About the Author

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