How to Make Money with the Best Side Gigs of 2021

woman at a coworking space counting cash

Having trouble finding a fulfilling activity during these uncertain times? Quarantine has put many of us in lockdown, and many people have asked themselves, “What should I do now?” Others have been thinking “What can I do to earn some extra income?”

Nowadays, society is facing a whole new challenge since this pandemic struck. Most of our daily lives have been affected, and starting a new activity might be just what you need. 

Having a side gig can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made! Whether you need to pay some extra bills, save up for getting a new wardrobe, or even think further and increase your retirement funds, side gigs can relieve your financial stress. 

Here are some flexible ideas to get you started. 

Person blogging on a laptop

Start a Blog

The blogging industry has not been slowing down. If you’re an active person online and you have a tremendous interest in certain subjects (and, of course, like to talk about them!), you can make easy money by putting your ideas on a blog. You can be your own boss by getting into the blogging world.

After you create and maintain a stream of trustworthy content, you’ll acquire a serious amount of online traffic readers. As you grow your audience, you’ll get more shares and viewers, which means more money – either through advertising or through selling your own products or services.

When you reach a certain amount of traffic, you can even sell spaces on your blog to other business partners, online companies, and advertisers.

Guest posts or sponsored posts are a great way to start. By selling a private space in your blog to other companies that need to increase their online traffic, it’s a win-win situation for both of you. You’ll most probably be contacted by companies who buy backlinks which can be a total boost in your online presence!

woman starting an ecommerce store

Launch a Shopify Store  

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on business trends, and e-commerce is a growing one! You can find a lot of online courses to help you get into action. Have you figured out how eBay works? A Shopify store isn’t all that different. Launching your own online store is a great way to make contacts and win some extra income.

You don’t need to invent new products; instead, you can figure out how the business works with the major retailers and outlets that already exist. From there, you can negotiate pricing and built your own shop or marketplace. 

Invest in Facebook Advertising for a Small Business

If you have experience in digital marketing, or you’re just starting in the field, this can be a great way to understand a lot about the online universe. If you know any local owner that needs a boost in their business clients, you could help them increase their funds and leads through Facebook advertising (while helping your wallet).

The Facebook advertising industry has not been slowing down; in fact, if you learn how to run ads effectively for clients, this has proved to be a trustworthy source of income. Using digital marketing through Facebook is also a great way to increase your own online traffic. 

Networking relationships are important, so try to figure out who would be the most trustworthy clients, and get creative! Also, if you want to expand your network and be more productive with your side gigs, coworking spaces can boost your creativity and motivation. You might encounter people there who can help you grow your business – you’ll never know unless you try it out!

Get Up and Start Making Money

As you can see, with a little dedication and effort, you can start your own business! A side gig is a great entry point to being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and earning some extra cash. It’s easy, simple, and only takes a few hours of your daily life, and you are investing not only in your future but in yourself.

Get creative! It only takes a few steps to get yourself out there and become a true entrepreneur.