Why a Coworking Space is a Great Option for Business Travelers

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This is a guest post for the MELD Coworking blog by Zach Jones.

If you travel for work, you probably know how difficult it is to find a place where you can be productive. After all, working from a hotel room is stuffy and allows you to become easily distracted.

One alternative that many business travelers use is the business lounge at an airport, but taxis back and forth to the airport and entering the business lounge aren’t cheap, so for those of you who haven’t considered a coworking space here are some of the things that you are missing out on.

1) A Place Where You Can Work

Firstly, a coworking space is somewhere that can work. Unlike a hotel or business lounge, you can expect a good internet connection and to be left alone if you don’t want to interact with anyone else.  

Also unlike a hotel or business lounge, you have plenty of room to walk around and you aren’t cramped in a small room or one with limited lighting. Some people may like working in the dark, but for most of us, being able to see out of the windows and getting fresh air is a bonus.

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2) Affordable Space

Business lounges are often expensive to work from as you need to pay to access them, pay for your food and drinks, and pay for the internet and many other small costs that you may not have budgeted for.  

A coworking space, on the other hand often, comes with free coffee and water, internet usage included, and a day at a coworking space is often cheaper than a business lounge pass.

Other than costs, a coworking space can also be more secure for your data. In an airport, you often sit among others who are flying to other destinations within a few hours which makes it a breeding ground for hackers.

The chance of your data getting hacked while in a public space where other people are entering and leaving all the time is high. Your data is far better protected in a coworking space.

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3) Networking Opportunities

Traveling for work often gives you networking opportunities, but where better to network than a place where other businesses are working too? With communal areas in coworking spaces, it doesn’t take long to start up a conversation and begin to network.

In an airport lounge, you can still network but as most people are usually carrying out some last-minute work before flying to their destination it can be a difficult place to meet new people and strike up a business conversation.

Staying in your hotel room doesn’t leave much room for networking at all, so if you’re a salesperson and you’re looking to fill your pipeline, you should consider going to a coworking space next time you travel for work.

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4) A Change of Scenery

Most of us who have worked at our jobs for a long time tend to get used to the office, and even those of us who travel will travel the same routes and stay in the same hotels — so going to a coworking space can give you a change of scenery.

Coworking spaces are often filled with different businesses on different days, so it gives you the opportunity to see new faces too. If you are feeling a little tired of seeing the same faces and the same walls, you should try a coworking space.


Next time you are traveling with work and you don’t want to spend your time in a small hotel room or a packed business lounge, take a look to see if there are any coworking spaces in your area. Most major towns and cities will have many options to choose from, so look for the ones that offer day rentals of their desks.

If you are in town for longer, it may be worth getting a week’s pass to save you or your company money.

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Author Bio

Zach Jones is the head of content at Airport Transfers UK, a website that compares the cost of airport taxis and provides its users with the cheapest options.