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Why Work Alone?

Work from home away from home.

Built with the modern professional in mind.


Comfortable work stations to relax, enjoy, and knock it out! We offer a variety of desks, both standing and sitting, and ergonomic chairs throughout.

There are areas to lounge, phone booths to chat it up, and meeting rooms to collaborate. Stop by for a tour!



Not just a shared place to work, we are focused on building our community. We created a welcoming environment for remote professionals.

Frequent events and in-house networking are featured. We each have our own endeavors, but it's a drain to do them alone! 



Featuring blazing dedicated fiber internet, meeting rooms to host clients, basic printing, complimentary monitors and cords, and more. No compromises here, this is our core function!

Leave the laundry at home behind, and let's get work done; Work smarter, enjoy free coffee (or beer if so inclined), network, and cowork.


Kady Sandel - MELD's Website


The Owner

I’m Kady – the founder of MELD Coworking! I’m a brand strategist and graphic designer, and you can usually find me drinking coffee with copious amounts of creamer. I used to work from home, but when I found myself competing with my two cats for access to my own keyboard… I knew it was time to give coworking a try.

Kelsey Aventive Shoulders 2


Community Manager

I’m Kelsey, your Community Manager here at MELD! When I’m not helping our members have the best possible experience in our blue house, you can find me writing, daydreaming of Chicago-style pizza, practicing French, playing with my cat, or sipping on an extra-hoppy IPA.



Property Manager

Hey folks! I'm Brandin, a mechanical integrity consultant when I have to, while working on a few 'side hustles' when I can! As an avid (but casual) runner, you'll find me trotting along outdoors during the sweltering Austin evenings; this is an unfortunate side effect of NOT being a morning person. Good fiction and strong margaritas make me smile!

Come and Work with us!