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From Idea to Reality : How I decided to open a Coworking Space

By Kady Sandel | Jan 2, 2018
Work from home

My goal has always been to work from home. But little did I know, it’s not as great as it sounds! It certainly has perks, don’t get me wrong. What many don’t realize is the extent that you’re alone, all the time. Perhaps worse yet, your work structure waivers… home and work blends together. Great…

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The renovation of MELD

By Kady Sandel | Dec 18, 2017
Before and now MELD image

Frankenstein House to Coworking Space! Before Thinking back to when I first saw this house, I just couldn’t make out WHAT to think about it. I couldn’t imagine “fixing” this Frankenstein. I loved the location, I loved the idea of building a community in Central Austin anchored by the proximity to bars, restaurants, coffee shops…

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