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About MELD Coworking

Happy Birthday to MELD! One Year of Coworking in Austin

MELD Coworking birthday party

In April 2019, MELD Coworking turns one year old! You can read the story of why I opened MELD here. Today I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes recap of our first year in business where we have had the honor of building our community, working productively, and supporting entrepreneurs and freelancers in Austin:   Pre-Opening: MELD Renovations…

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Why We Can’t Work From Home with Cats

MELD Coworking is where cat lovers cowork in Austin

We have a secret: lots of MELD Coworking members love cats. We’re not sure how this happened, but it may have something to do with the fact that working from home with a cat can be… difficult. Moving your sleepy cat off the warm keyboard for the fifth time in an hour can drive even…

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Five Ways that Coworking Increases Human Connection

Five Ways that Coworking Increases Human Connection

Loneliness is on the rise, and it has become an epidemic in our society and in our workplaces. Research indicates that half of Americans view themselves as lonely, and that loneliness reduces our lifespans as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Coworking spaces provide places where people can gather, get their work done, take…

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The Perks of Part-Time Coworking

MELD Coworking in Austin

Coworking has taken off in recent years, and in 2017 there were over 4,000 coworking spaces in the US alone! Studies have indicated that coworking combats loneliness, reduces costs for businesses,  and increases productivity. But many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers have the same question when they hear about coworking spaces for the first time:…

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Work While You Travel

Work while you travel - cover

One of the perks of the remote “laptop lifestyle” is the ability to work from anywhere — and with the recent growth of coworking spaces, you can always find a locally-owned coworking space nearby! Every coworking space is completely unique from one another, and visiting coworking spaces in new cities is a fun way to…

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Why MELD focuses on Entrepreneurs

Why MELD focuses on Entrepreneurs - cover

The idea behind coworking spaces and shared office spaces began with a foundation of like-minded individuals who worked independently, yet together. This hasn’t changed. But when Bernard De Koven later defined coworking as “working together as equals” to separate it from a traditional office relationship (one dictated by rank and salary), coworkings’ identity was found.…

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Entrepreneur? Why MELD is the cowork you’re looking for!

Entrepreneur Why MELD is the cowork you’re looking for - cover

Instead of telling you why MELD is the perfect place to cowork in Austin, we are going to let our coworkers tell you why… “This is a wonderful cozy space with special amenities that no other co-working space I’ve seen offers. The desks go from sitting to standing in seconds, and there are Pilates ball…

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Austin’s Newest Coworking Space

Entrepreneurs and freelancers cowork

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How? People often ask me why I decided to open a new coworking space when there are already so many others in Austin. Why didn’t I just join one? Is it open? How much is it to join? How is it different than other coworking spaces? Where is it going…

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