Broker Referral Program

Have you heard about MELD Coworking’s referral program?

We love working with real estate brokers to secure a positive and productive coworking environment for your clients. Please read the below details on our broker referral program and commission payout structure.

As a primarily open coworking space, MELD Coworking is ideal for individuals and teams of two. If you have any questions on whether MELD Coworking is the right fit for your clients, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Here are the details of MELD’s Broker Referral Program, effective January 1st 2019:

* Brokers will receive 50% commission on every monthly membership fee they bring to MELD for the first 3 months

* MELD Coworking memberships operate on a month-to-month basis. If members choose to terminate their membership before three months, brokers will only receive commissions on the months that were paid by the member.

* These commissions are based on actual membership fees paid. If MELD is running a membership discount or promotion, this discounted rate will be reflected in the commission.

* After the first three months of a MELD membership, there will be no further commission payouts.

* Brokers will receive their commission via check upon receipt of their client’s payment

MELD Coworking in Austin
As an example:

When a broker’s client signs up as a MELD member and pays for their first month, the broker will receive 50% of the first month’s membership fees. If the client stays for a second and third month, the broker will receive 50% of the membership fees for the second and third months.

But if the client chooses to terminate their membership after the first month, the broker will only receive commission on the first month. Similarly, if the client chooses to terminate membership after two months, the broker will receive 50% commission on those first two months -- but no further payouts.

If you have further questions on the terms of our broker referral program, contact us.